Bugarinovic Transport | History
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Our story of transportation begins in 1979, when the owner and the founder of the company registered a transportation company in Slovenia in Kamnik because it was the only place in the former Yugoslavia where it was possible to register a truck with more than 7 tons of load capacity.


That same year he bought his first truck – Fiat 682 N3. Three years later, he moved the transportation company to Croatia, to the city of Orahovica. The owner bought his first Mercedes 1213 in 1982 and his first Mercedes 1638 in 1985.


In 1988 began the construction of the office building of the petrol station and the motel in the municipality of Teslić in the Republic of Srpska, but it was finished after the war. In the meantime, the owner was engaged in international transport using only trailer trucks.


Because of the civil war, the owner takes vehicles to Serbia, where they remained until December 1995, when he registered the company Bugarinović transport DOO in Novi Sad. He made the first transport and turnovers using two vehicles – Mercedes 1635 and Scania L113. In 1998 he purchased two more Volvo FH12 vehicles, and also Scania L124 and Mercedes 1735 in 1999.


The company again bought new vehicles in 2002 and those were two Volvo FH12. By 2007, the company had 15 vehicles and bought 9 new Volvo trucks in the same year. The company currently owns more than 30 vehicles which drive more than tens of thousands of kilometers every year in order to comply with the requirements of customers.

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